Soll MultiRail is a fixed horizontal anchorage device, which functions/works on a rail basis, designed and tested to DIN EN 795 – Class D. This rail offers the highest level of Fall Protection to people working in fall risk areas.


Compared to anchorage points which only offer the user a limited freedom of activity depending on the length of the lanyard, MultiRail sytems can be installed along the entire unprotected work area and offers higher safety.

Horizontal guided rail offers the advantage that they can be also installed as handrails.

In case of a fall, the falling forces are absorbed by several intermediate brackets and not just by both of the end-fixing devices, as it is the case with cable systems, or by a single point, as it is the case with anchorage points.

Also, compared with traditional horizontal guided rail, MultiRail offers the advantage of greater fixing distances (up to 6m) and can be used by more people at the same time (up to 6).



Can be used by up to 6 persons at the same time.

The rail can absorb forces up to 100kg without permanent deformation.

Made of stainless steel for the toughest environmental conditions.

The energy caused by the fall is absorbed by the bending of the rail, thereby the structure remains protected.

The openable glider can be attached anywhere on the horizontal guide rail. It can be opened or closed by turning the knurled nut.

The gliders slide smoothly on the rail following the user.

Available with/in 3 different gliders.

To be assembled at foot level on a wall or overhead.

Only few components are necessary.

The closed profile makes the product more resistant against the accumulation of dirt.


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