Latchways PushLock™ and Safe Ring VP are typically used where access from inside a building is needed to carry out external work, such as window cleaning or maintenance. Both can be fixed into walls, floors or ceilings providing an internal fixed anchor to which workers can confidently attach a lanyard and safety harness while performing their duties.


Manufactured in electropolished 316S stainless steel and available in two aesthetically pleasing designs.

Suitable for fixing into load-bearing masonry or concrete, timber, composite concrete slab, steelwork.

Straight forward installation and maintenance.

Tested to 22kN.

Meets all relevant national and international standards.

Carries CE mark.


All elements of PushLock™ and SafeRing VP eyebolt systems comply with the relevant standards and have the appropriate CE marking.


SafeRing is available in a range of different finishes including galvanised steel, stainless steel, white nylon coated and special RAL colours to order.

Suitable for external and internal environments where there is a need for a single anchor point anchorage.

Easy to install into suitable load bearing elements of the building.

Enables specifiers to comply with guidelines for safe reach limits for window cleaners as contained within BS 8213 Part 1: 1991.

Availability of concealed access for use in raised access flooring.


PushLock™ is a trademark of Latchways plc.

SafeRingVP Safering

SafeRing provides an aesthetically pleasing and inherently strong permanent alternative to conventional eyebolts as single point anchorages. It can be installed for use in aggressive external environments, internal locations such as office, industrial and commercial buildings and can also be supplied with concealed access boxes for use in conjunction with raised access flooring.


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