Eyebolts and their fixings need to be able to withstand the loads generated when a fall is arrested. While conventional eyebolts meet this safety need, the lack of aesthetic consideration can impair visual characteristics of the building where they are installed. With Latchways’ PushLock™, specifiers have the opportunity to choose a discreet window safety system without compromising the clean lines of interior design.


The Latchways PushLock™ safety eyebolt provides a discreet yet highly effective alternative to unsightly conventional eyebolts.


The Latchways PushLock™ socket is a permanent anchor installed into the structure of the building.


The socket is suitable for installation in a variety of materials including brickwork, concrete and steelwork.


Sockets are available for installation in cavity walls and suspended ceilings.


The PushLock™ socket is discreetly capped when not in use.


The PushLock™ is ideal for installing into the floor when there is no alternative fixing point and does not create a trip hazard.


Socket caps are available in a prestige brass finish, stainless steel and a range of colours.


When required, the worker inserts a PushLock™ eyebolt into the socket to create a secure anchor.


Insertion or removal of the PushLock™ eyebolt is a two handed operation, which therefore makes accidental removal impossible.


The PushLock™ socket and eyebolt are tested to 22kN.


PushLock™ has been tested to EN795:1996 and meets all appropriate international standards including the EC Declaration of Conformity.


PushLock™ is a trademark of Latchways plc.


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