Latchways ManSafeŽ Overhead Systems combine revolutionary Constant ForceŽ technology with innovative mobile anchorage in a robust solution that offers outstanding levels of safety, convenience and versatility in virtually any industrial environment.


Workers attached to the ManSafeŽ system enjoy both unfettered mobility and continuous, hands-free security with the innovative mobile anchorage and the Constant ForceŽ energy absorber – a revolutionary technology that guarantees unrivalled protection for personnel working at height.



System tested to EN 795.

Overhead device certified by SATRA.Conforms to EN 362:1992.

System cable is manufactured from 1 x 19 stainless steel. This has low stretch properties and has a breaking strain of over 45 kN.

Built-in Constant Force energy absorber ensures that the maximum load on the worker and end anchor in the event of a fall does not exceed 18 kN.

Mobile anchorage glides freely through intermediate cable guides allowing mobility of the worker at different angles for continuous hands-free protection.

System cable is tensioned to 5 kN to prevent cable sag and possible whiplash in the event of a fall.


Ease of installation and use

Quick and simple installation.

Suitable for virtually all industrial environments – warehouses, loading bays for example.

Less costly to install than ‘I’ beam systems.

Can be configured as single span (up to 60m) or multi-span system.

Can be used by up to three workers.

Mobile anchorages remain permanently attached to system.

Can be retrofitted to existing structures or incorporated at the design stage of new facilities.

Easily able to accommodate changes of direction.

Written warranty available on service life of system.


ManSafeŽ is a registered trademark of Latchways plc.

Overheadmain Overheadcomp

1 Constant ForceŽ Energy Absorber
Located at one end of the system, the energy absorber ensures that the maximum load transferred to the structure in the event of a fall does not exceed 18kN.

2 Overhead System Mobile Anchorage
Connects the user via a retractable lanyard to the fall protection cable.

3 Intermediate Brackets
These brackets support the cable on multi-span systems.

4 Line Tensioning Device
These components allow the system to be correctly tensioned for use. The indicator disc will spin freely when the correct tension is reached at 5kN.


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