Latchways Launch WalkSafe

Pinnacle recognises through ever increasing legislation that height safety is of paramount importance within the industry. In working to provide the complete range of roof access solutions, Pinnacle are pleased to announce that we are approved installers of Latchways’ new WalkSafe systems.


Pinnacle have moved

Due to our ever increasing workload Pinnacle have expanded and moved to Beaconside Works, Newark. Buying new premises in Newark is not only logistically superior to our previous location but has enabled us to increase our staffing levels and enabled the Pinnacle Group as a whole to move forward.


Pinnacle Testing Services Limited (PTS) joins the Pinnacle Group

PTS is the new sister company to the Pinnacle Group specialising solely in the testing and maintenance of fall protection and safety at height, providing inspection, testing, and maintenance of safety systems and personal protective equipment in accordance with the latest standards and specifications.


PTS will allow us to manage all your testing services providing a full layout of all your safety equipment, location data and certification with all previous and projected test dates. Other services PTS will be able to offer are on-site training, maintenance and lightning protection testing.


Lightning Protection Testing Strikes Pinnacle

Over the years Pinnacle are constantly asked if we test and maintain lightning protection systems. Due to high volume of requests Pinnacle have invested into providing this service through the new sister company PTS.


BS 7883:1997 has been superseded by

BS 7883:2005 Code of practice for the design, selection, installation, use and maintenance of anchor devices conforming to BS EN 795.


This British Standard gives recommendations for the design, selection, installation, use and maintenance of anchor devices conforming to BS EN 795 for new and existing buildings, and for the design of anchor systems for installation at specific sites. It also gives guidance on the manufacture of anchor devices and systems to assist the manufacturer in ensuring conformity to BS EN 795.


This revision of BS 7883 gives advice additional to that in the 1997 edition of BS 7883 on safety issues regarding installation of anchor devices, in particular the following:


It gives recommendations on the correct use of components of anchor devices, with particular emphasis on the importance of using components in a system only in the way in which they have been approved for use in accordance with the type tests given in BS EN 795

It gives guidance on what should be done in the case of base materials of unknown strength

The force used for the proof load test for each anchor device following installation (except in cavity constructions) is recommended to be 6 kN, compared with 5 kN as currently recommended in BS EN 795:1997, A.2. This is because the performance requirements specified for components of personal fall protection systems and equipment (in, for example, BS EN 353-1, BS EN 353-2, BS EN 354, BS EN 355, BS EN 360 and BS EN 363) are based on the need to ensure that the impact force on the user during the arrest of a fall (a dynamic force) does not exceed 6 kN.


The standard is intended for use by designers, manufacturers, installers and users of anchor devices and anchor systems. It is also intended for use by other designers, e.g. architects and structural engineers, including those who are responsible for the design of safe access routes on buildings and structures.


To purchase a copy of this publication, please contact the BSI Customer Services department on 0208 996 9001, Fax: 0208 996 7001. Email at or visit the secure online credit card facility on British Standards Online.


Pinnacle Safety are aware of all the implications of the new standard and have conducted in house training to all its staff.

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