Weighs up to 20% less than traditional systems

No roof penetration required

Meets current legislation and is independently tested

No welding, bending or threading on site

Fully galvanised with corrosion resistant fixings

Aesthetically pleasing

Competively priced


The freestanding ManSafe® Guardrail system provides a comprehensive collective protection solution for worker safety at height. It is quick and easy to install and can be used on virtually any flat roof surface. Importantly, the system’s ergonomic counterbalances hold the Guardrail firmly in place without any damage to the integrity of the roof surface itself.


Aesthetics and installation flexibility are crucial factors in the Guardrail’s design. The use of quality galvanised steel tubing gives the assurance of strength while also establishing a visual subtlety that won’t conflict with the appearance of the building on to which it is placed. Similarly, the wide range of available components enables the system layout to be configured to ideally suit the collective protection need.


The freestanding ManSafe® Guardrail system is a non-penetrative barrier system for guarding users against falls from height.

Designed in accordance with prEN 13374:1998 as a Class A protection system.

Applicable for use on flat roofs up to a maximum pitch of 5°.

Rails and supports are made of galvanised steel tube to BS EN ISO 1461.

Compact high strength concrete counterbalances.

Rubber membranes on counterbalances and posts maximise friction contact with the roof without damaging the roof surface.

Counterbalances can be positioned on the inside or outside of the Guardrail.

Easy to assemble on site.

Can be configured to provide a guarded walkway across a roof as well a roof edge guard.

Special corner units provide uninterrupted protection.

End sections can be fixed directly to a wall where appropriate.

Swivel couplings allow for configuring around bends and on gentle slopes (maximum 5° pitch).

Galvanised finish provides tough protection against the elements.


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