Safety Harness Eyebolts are fitted onto a building structure to form a single anchor point, to which a person can attach themselves via a body harness and shock-absorbing lanyard. This enables a person to work safely in areas where there exists a potential risk of falling. Should a fall occur, the Eyebolt anchor would ensure a falling body load is safely arrested.


We can offer a full design installation and testing service to the requirements of BS 7883 Code of Practice for the design, selection, installation, use and maintenance of anchor devices conforming to BS EN 795.


Pinnacle Safety Group are fully approved installers and testers of Eyebolt anchorage systems, with all our engineers going through an Anchor Devices for Fall Arrest training course recommended by our manufacturers.


All our Eyebolts are manufactured and tested fully in accordance with BS EN 795 and have been CE approved to the PPE Directive.


NEVER use eyebolts, other than EN 795, as Fall Arrest Anchor Devices – the wrong eyebolt in the wrong situation could prove FATAL.


Fall Arrest Anchorages are intended to save life!

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