The definition of Constant ForceŽ is “The mechanism used to provide a consistent method of absorbing mechanical energy and controlling tension within the system to a constant pre-determined force.”


The application of this principle to fall arrest has created a revolution in system design. This is summarised in the graph below showing the increased load absorption capacity of the Constant ForceŽ post in comparison to a traditional rigid anchor post.


All Latchways systems are CE marked and hold EC Declarations of Conformity. Latchways is also an ISO 9001 company.


Constant ForceŽ is a registered trademark of Latchways plc.

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Using specialist modelling software our design team will calculate precise loadings and freefall distance to verify technical solutions to arrest a falling person and control the resulting forces (loads). This helps ensure that the most appropriate system is specified for any application.


The capacity of a system and the loads generated in the event of a fall depend on the strength of the structure, supports, components and cable. The Constant ForceŽ post has an integral energy absorbing coil which in the event of a fall will absorb the force generated. The Constant ForceŽ technology ensures that the load will not exceed 10 kN. This allows the post to be fixed to a relatively delicate roof structure without the requirement to attach through the roof to structural steel or purlins.

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