Pinnacle Safety Group can design and install safety systems that operate horizontally, vertically, around corners and, up and down inclines to offer total uniterrupted worker protection on any type of building or structure.



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The integral energy absorber limits load to 10kN in the event of a fall.

Top fixing ensures the primary function of the building is unaffected during installation.

In the event of a fall, the posts deploy to absorb energy, leaving the roof panel intact.

Posts can be used in both fall arrest and fall restraint systems.


*Contact us for advice on system location and design parameters.



Posts can be powder coated or weatherproofed and colour matched to the roof panel upon request.

Post design is smaller and more unobtrusive than other brackets.

System blends with overall building design maintaining architectural integrity.



Compatible with all major manufacturers roofing systems.

Approved and verified for use by all the major roofing manufacturers.


ManSafe® Componentry

During development, all products are subject to a range of tests to define their performance and characteristics. These tests include static strength, corrosion resistance, functional and dynamic performance. In addition, Latchways adopts rigorous quality assurance procedures to BS EN ISO 9002, and all products are subject to testing before leaving the factory.


All critical cast components are made from 17/4 PH or 316S grade stainless steel, carry a unique serial number and are subject to 100% x-ray inspection, dye penetrant or magnetic particle analysis and batch conformance testing.


All system bracketry is made from 316S marine grade stainless steel. All critical items are subject to 100% visual inspection, carry unique numbering to provide complete traceability and are subject to batch conformance testing.


ManSafe® is a registered trademark of Latchways plc.

Mansafeforroofing Mansafeforroofing3

The unique Latchways Transfastener™

allows workers to travel the full-length of the system without having to detach and re-attach. Horizontal systems are built around the innovative patented Constant Force® technology, which provide continuous hands-free security and guarantee unrivalled fall protection. The system range is inherently flexible and can be designed for up to five users. Suitable for use on virtually any type of structure or roofing arrangement, it can be specified as a single cable system or a multi-faceted system that follows the contours of the structure being worked on.


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